Winter is such a fun time for your skin. During those few frigid months of the year that seem to last forever, your precious skin suffers from (A) dryness, (B) flakiness, (C) dullness, or (D) all of the above. Oh, and don’t forget breakouts too! Zits never really take a holiday.

Because winter is actually the worst, I reached out to dermatologist for advice on how to deal with some common and really annoying winter skin concerns. Thankfully, she shared her secrets, and I gathered a few other good-to-know tips so you can all properly prepare yourselves for the winter skin storm forecast ahead.

If your skin is dry AF…

1. Choose body moisturizers that come in tubs or jars instead of ones that come in bottles with pumps. This isn’t always the case, but more often than not heavier moisturizers like creams come in tubs rather than pump bottles. Creams often contain more oil than water content, so while they’re more hydrating than lotions (which is great when temperatures drop), their thick formula is harder to feed into a pump.

2. Add oil to your daily routine to really hydrate your skin. Coconut oil is great for your body and hair, but if you have sensitive skin or you’re prone to breakouts, opt for a noncomedogenic oil like argan oil. And if you’re nervous to put oil straight on your skin, mix it with your usual body or face moisturizer.

3. Apply a hydragel mask right before bed to hydrate your skin overnight. Masks are always great, but using one right before bed is even better for your complexion, since your skin is naturally working at night to regenerate and exfoliate itself. See, beauty sleep is real! Dr. Gohara also suggests layering a hyaluronic acid serum, like SkinMedica HA5, under a hydrogel mask to amp up hydration.

If your skin is itchy…

4. Take an oatmeal bath. Grind a cup of plain oatmeal in a blender to the texture of a fine powder and add it to a bath full of warm water. The oatmeal helps calm inflammation and soothes itchy winter skin — plus, a bath in the winter always feels nice.


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