Better physical fitness and mood, you take care of your skin and take full advantage of your day at the sea. Here are experts’ tips to practice it.

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In addition to sunbathing, swimming, relaxing and playing rackets, there are plenty of activities on the beach, including walking, better if barefoot, wet or in water. Not only is it pleasing, but is also healthy. There are several benefits of so-called beach walking.

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Walking without shoes on the sand allows the foot to move naturally and stimulates circulation. For maximum benefit, however, it is important to choose timetables where the temperature is not too high, as in the early or late afternoon and walk on the wet because the water creates a further beneficial foot massage.


Walking on the sand makes it more difficult than the classic walk on the asphalt and so you burn more calories, toning your leg muscles. There are also remarkable benefits for posture and foot health. This is because the sand, being unstable, allows the foot to work more fully, including the spine. If you want to see results, it’s only thirty minutes a day at a sustained pace without necessarily having to travel: this way you can relieve buttocks, legs and abdomen and improve your cardiovascular system.


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